Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Welcome to "Raising the Curtain"

Welcome to "RAISING THE CURTAIN" , the blog, newsletter, and discussion forum of FTM Arts Law.

FTM Arts Law, a division of Fettmann, Tolchin & Majors, PC, blends superior legal skills and services with an in-depth familiarity with the arts and entertainment industry and an uncompromising dedication to strengthening artistic relationships, creative problem solving and prevention, and empowering artists and the arts community. In addition to being a nationally and internationally recognized firm in the specialized field of visas and immigration issues for foreign artists and performers, FTM Arts Law provides a comprehensive range of services to clients in all the fields of entertainment and the arts--including music, theater, dance, motion pictures, television, the fine arts, the performing arts, publishing, graphic art and design, artist and arts management, and non-profit arts related organizations.

At FTM Arts Law, we don't just know the law, we know how to apply it to the arts and entertainment field. We don't consider ourselves a part of the legal profession which happens to have arts clients. Rather, we see ourselves as a part of the arts and entertainment industry that provides uniquely tailored legal, business, representation, and consultation services. This critical distinction allows us the perspective to understand the unique needs and concerns of those working in the arts and entertainment field and provide practical and cost-effective solutions.

The arts and entertainment industry has always presented its practitioners with immense rewards along with immense challenges. It’s easy to become overwhelmed with all the legal, business, administrative, and management issues that can stand between a great idea and its realization. It is essential that arts professionals have reliable sources of information so they can focus on the creative aspects of their work.

On a regular basis, we will be RAISING THE CURTAIN on updates, news, commentary, ideas, discussions, issues, strategies, solutions, and legal developments which we feel are important to the arts and entertainment industry, including such topics as:
  • Artist Visas, Green Cards and Related Planning for US Tours and Engagements of Foreign Artists
  • Tax Issues for Foreign Artists
  • Licensing, Copyright, and Intellectual Property
  • Non-Profit Organization and Management
  • Psychotherapy and the Art of Artist Management
  • Arts Management
  • New Business Models for the Arts
  • Contracting Tips and Strategies
  • Important court cases and legislative changes
  • Common Myths, Mistakes, and Misunderstandings
  • Dealing With Divas
  • Crisis Prevention
  • Dispute Resolution

We also want your comments and ideas. While attorneys are welcome, this is not a legal forum for the legal community to bicker and debate arcane points of law, legal analysis, and recent court decisions. There are plenty of other blogs and forums for that (and, as we offer no CLE credit or networking, that should discourage most of you!) Rather, our focus is on arts professionals who want to know more about the business aspects of their business and who are willing to share their questions, challenges, frustrations, solutions, opinions, and ideas with us and with each other. What frustrates you? What problems have you solved recently? What’s working and what’s not working? Let us know.

Please bookmark, check back often, and participate.

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